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UOI Reflection

Jumat, 24 April 2009

Grammar Bites

1. There are many ice rinks in Jakarta
2. There are many Photo copy cntres in Jakarta
3. There aren't any chair lift in Jakarta
4. There are many golf courses in Jakarta.

5. There are many art museums in Jakarta.
6. There are many shopping centers in Jakarta.
7. There are many International schools in Jakarta
8. There are many virtual reality game centers in Jakarta.
9. There are many movie theaters in Jakarta.
10. There are many hospitals in Jakarta.
11. There are many car wash centers in Jakarta.

Selasa, 14 April 2009

Uncountable and countable nouns

Uncountable Nouns:

There is a lot of coal found in Banjarmasin.
There is a lot of gold found in Sumbawa.
There is a lot of copper found in Chile.
There is a lot of topaz found in Italy.
There is a lot of silver found in Mexico.

Countable Nouns:

There are a lot of pearls found in Maluku.
There are lots of rubies found in Myanmar.
There are a lot of emeralds found in Pakistan.
There are a lot of diamonds found in Canada.
There are lots of sapphires found in USA