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UOI Reflection

Selasa, 27 Januari 2009

Alliteration Sentences

“C” words

1. The cat sat on the pillow and meowed.

    The cat crawled up on the cushion and cried.

“S” words

2. One Saturday a funny reptile moved in the dirt.

    One Saturday a silly snake slithered in the sand.

“T” words

3.  A couple little turtle walked to the city.

      Two tiny turtles turned to the town.

“W” words

4. The cold breeze blew past the lake.

    The winter wind whipped past the water.

“P” words

5. The rain sprinkle down on the street.

    The pitter patter poured down on the pavement.

“B” words

6. The animal ate food for a meal.

    The bear ate berries for breakfast.