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UOI Reflection

Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

My Personal Hero

My hero is a young man called Federico Macheda. He is a soccer player. He is my hero because he is still young and he plays good. His first debut in the senior team is when Manchester United VS Aston Villa that is in 5 April 2009 and he scores in the injury time.

In Manchester United, he has 5 appearances and 2 goals. His goals is when Manchester United VS Aston Villa and when the Manchester United Asia Tour 2009 which is VS FC Seoul. He is one of the youngest players in Manchester United because he’s only 17. For me, he is a special player because he was born in Rome and not many Italian players play in the other country.

He said that his best partner is Michael Owen, a legendary player of Liverpool that plays in Manchester United now. I like him to because I think his future is good. He moved to Manchester United in 1 September 2007, but he first joined in the academy.

3 komentar:

arkan mengatakan...

I like the way you tell your Idol you have many details and many words keep the good work!

arkan mengatakan...

I like the way you tell your hero and you have some details about your hero keep the good work!

Leonardo 1997-11-26 mengatakan...

what a cool super hero.....