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UOI Reflection

Kamis, 04 Juni 2009

My reflection about the exhibition

Today we have started the exhibition. Our group presented about Yoga's comic life about the trip to Sumbawa and Isfan's google sketchup about the open pit and the haul truck in the ming company. My feeling in the exhibition was nervous, especially when I'm talking about Isfan's google sketchup. Our group presented the comic life in the first section. In the first section the group that presented the presentation were the MAE, Gold hunters and GEMS.

In the section 2 the group that presented were the Gold rushers, The world of Copper and Gold researchers. On the first day, we made a brochure for our visitors, but because our group doesn't want to make the brochure, we didn't make it. On the first day we presented Isfan's google sketchup and Yoga's comic life, but on the second day we only present Isfan's google sketchup. If we can't answer the questions that is asked, we cannot say " I don't know" but we must say " That is a good question, but unfortunately we haven't go to that point yet perhaps we can find out after this". The hardest question for me is from Mr. Rick. When we are telling about Isfan's google sketchup I explain about the open pit, Yoga explain about the shifts and Eun ah explain about the trucks.

On the first day the visitors were grade 1,2 and 3. Their questions were very hard to answer. I thought about the second day, which were the visitors from grade 4,6 and 7. If the questions were grade 1,2 and 3 were hard, the second day could be harder. The second day came and I felt very nervous because I will answer harder questions.

When it's the second day I just realized that I didn't felt nervous, because I already had an example on the first day. After the visitors had seen our booth they needed to leave a comment on piece of paper. The one that explain it on the booth is Yoga and I. At our booth we had our central idea, questions, picture of our slideshow, learner profile and others. When the kindergarten children came most of them they asked about the pictures of the slideshow. 

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