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UOI Reflection

Selasa, 17 Februari 2009

My english reflection and journal

In this week, we have a new program. The program is called Spore. Spore is a program for us to create a creature. I have made a creature that call "Hagdore". First I thought that Spore was not fun to use, but at last I felt the fun of using Spore. We not only can make the creatures, but we can control the creatures too. We can make the creatures dance, or flip, or spin, or punch. We can see the baby when we click on the egg. We can not change the basic shape, so we need to be creative. The creature can face to us by clicking the whistle button. We can take the picture and the video of the creature. This is the part that I like. We can share the picture with our friends or upload it to the internet

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