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UOI Reflection

Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

My Personal Hero

My hero is a young man called Federico Macheda. He is a soccer player. He is my hero because he is still young and he plays good. His first debut in the senior team is when Manchester United VS Aston Villa that is in 5 April 2009 and he scores in the injury time.

In Manchester United, he has 5 appearances and 2 goals. His goals is when Manchester United VS Aston Villa and when the Manchester United Asia Tour 2009 which is VS FC Seoul. He is one of the youngest players in Manchester United because he’s only 17. For me, he is a special player because he was born in Rome and not many Italian players play in the other country.

He said that his best partner is Michael Owen, a legendary player of Liverpool that plays in Manchester United now. I like him to because I think his future is good. He moved to Manchester United in 1 September 2007, but he first joined in the academy.

Rabu, 05 Agustus 2009

5 questions about Badui

1. From when do they set the rule that they can't be modern?

2. How do they live in the house that is made by rice plants?

3. What is Soeharto trying to do with the Badui people?

4. What are the results for the Badui people when they opposed the government?

5. How do they gain money?

Minggu, 07 Juni 2009


Today we are moving to Topeng building, and I feel happy because I think this class will be better than in the Koi. Even we are only 1 week in this class, I still think this will be a better class. I like this class, because if we have the lesson that needs another room, it's closer. 

Kamis, 04 Juni 2009

My reflection about the exhibition

Today we have started the exhibition. Our group presented about Yoga's comic life about the trip to Sumbawa and Isfan's google sketchup about the open pit and the haul truck in the ming company. My feeling in the exhibition was nervous, especially when I'm talking about Isfan's google sketchup. Our group presented the comic life in the first section. In the first section the group that presented the presentation were the MAE, Gold hunters and GEMS.

In the section 2 the group that presented were the Gold rushers, The world of Copper and Gold researchers. On the first day, we made a brochure for our visitors, but because our group doesn't want to make the brochure, we didn't make it. On the first day we presented Isfan's google sketchup and Yoga's comic life, but on the second day we only present Isfan's google sketchup. If we can't answer the questions that is asked, we cannot say " I don't know" but we must say " That is a good question, but unfortunately we haven't go to that point yet perhaps we can find out after this". The hardest question for me is from Mr. Rick. When we are telling about Isfan's google sketchup I explain about the open pit, Yoga explain about the shifts and Eun ah explain about the trucks.

On the first day the visitors were grade 1,2 and 3. Their questions were very hard to answer. I thought about the second day, which were the visitors from grade 4,6 and 7. If the questions were grade 1,2 and 3 were hard, the second day could be harder. The second day came and I felt very nervous because I will answer harder questions.

When it's the second day I just realized that I didn't felt nervous, because I already had an example on the first day. After the visitors had seen our booth they needed to leave a comment on piece of paper. The one that explain it on the booth is Yoga and I. At our booth we had our central idea, questions, picture of our slideshow, learner profile and others. When the kindergarten children came most of them they asked about the pictures of the slideshow. 

Rabu, 03 Juni 2009

My Presentation from the PYP exhibition

My keynote is about how a gold is formed. I make it in keynote and iMovie. To make this project we need some program that called Keynote, iPhoto and iMovie. I got the information form the internet, but some words that are in the internet that I didn't understand I type it in the dictionary. video

Jumat, 24 April 2009

Grammar Bites

1. There are many ice rinks in Jakarta
2. There are many Photo copy cntres in Jakarta
3. There aren't any chair lift in Jakarta
4. There are many golf courses in Jakarta.

5. There are many art museums in Jakarta.
6. There are many shopping centers in Jakarta.
7. There are many International schools in Jakarta
8. There are many virtual reality game centers in Jakarta.
9. There are many movie theaters in Jakarta.
10. There are many hospitals in Jakarta.
11. There are many car wash centers in Jakarta.

Selasa, 14 April 2009

Uncountable and countable nouns

Uncountable Nouns:

There is a lot of coal found in Banjarmasin.
There is a lot of gold found in Sumbawa.
There is a lot of copper found in Chile.
There is a lot of topaz found in Italy.
There is a lot of silver found in Mexico.

Countable Nouns:

There are a lot of pearls found in Maluku.
There are lots of rubies found in Myanmar.
There are a lot of emeralds found in Pakistan.
There are a lot of diamonds found in Canada.
There are lots of sapphires found in USA 

Selasa, 17 Februari 2009

My english reflection and journal

In this week, we have a new program. The program is called Spore. Spore is a program for us to create a creature. I have made a creature that call "Hagdore". First I thought that Spore was not fun to use, but at last I felt the fun of using Spore. We not only can make the creatures, but we can control the creatures too. We can make the creatures dance, or flip, or spin, or punch. We can see the baby when we click on the egg. We can not change the basic shape, so we need to be creative. The creature can face to us by clicking the whistle button. We can take the picture and the video of the creature. This is the part that I like. We can share the picture with our friends or upload it to the internet

Rabu, 11 Februari 2009

Spore Creature

I call my creature Hagdore. He is quite tall, he has four feathers on his leg, he has long body, has a little hair behind his mouth, seven shell shard and one scimitard. He can move more than one action. His moves are flip, spin, punch and sit. His sound is like a monkey's sound. He can roar too.


1.    1. The moon is a ball.

2.   2. Freckles are red small bubbles when they spread out on your face.

3.   3. His arm was rubber as they lifted the heavy chair.

4.   4. The stars are gold when they twinkled in the night sky.

5.   5. The storm was a horrible flash as it clawed against my window.

6.   6. The mowed lawn was a green strips.

7.   7. The noisy children were humming bees as they raced trough the museum.

8.   8. I was a robber as I tiptoed across the wooden floor.

9.   9. The river was a flowing liquid as it twisted and turned down the mountain.

10  10.His cheeks were red pepper as he chewed the giant wed of bubble gum.

Rabu, 04 Februari 2009

Sharing The Planet

Sharing the planet means we need to live together with the animals and plants. We need to live together on this earth because we can help each other like pants can provide O2 carbon dioxide to give people oxygen and people can help animals to take care of them and grow them.

Selasa, 27 Januari 2009

Alliteration Sentences

“C” words

1. The cat sat on the pillow and meowed.

    The cat crawled up on the cushion and cried.

“S” words

2. One Saturday a funny reptile moved in the dirt.

    One Saturday a silly snake slithered in the sand.

“T” words

3.  A couple little turtle walked to the city.

      Two tiny turtles turned to the town.

“W” words

4. The cold breeze blew past the lake.

    The winter wind whipped past the water.

“P” words

5. The rain sprinkle down on the street.

    The pitter patter poured down on the pavement.

“B” words

6. The animal ate food for a meal.

    The bear ate berries for breakfast.