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UOI Reflection

Selasa, 21 Oktober 2008

My Blog

My name is Emeertio Allen Riyadi or you can call me Emeertio. This is my blog. I'm from grade 5 Sinarmas World Academy or you can call it SWA.

4 komentar:

Om Heru mengatakan...

Good Jobbb!!! Make better.. and Do the best... Hard working and studying.. Om Heru

Boy mengatakan...

Dear emeertio or Gavin, congratulation for your opening blog. I hope it would be useful for you in developing your creativiy n supporting your study activities. May God's force be with you in every step you make okey.


Pi Boy.

Road Runner mengatakan...

Cool Dude! I like it when u change the avatar into some kind of squirrel or something. Axel

Adelle mengatakan...

Great blog Nick! Looks good.